Heading to Chicago – On the Road to the World Championship with Donny Crandell

He’s on the road again! That is, Donny Crandell, is on the road again to compete in the World Championship of Public Speaking at the Toastmasters semifinals at the Toastmasters International Convention being held in Chicago this August 22-25, 2018.

Yes, Donny Crandell did it again – winning his third trip to the world championship stage vying for the title of World Champion Speaker.

He recently won first place in the International Speech Contest at the District 39 Spring Conference last month at the Marriott Hotel in Rancho Cordova.

Donny will be representing District 39 in Chicago, while competing with 105 winners from districts around the world for the 2018 semi-final round.

His winning speech titled, “Can Anything Good Come from Rejection,” caught the judges’ ears while he reminded the audience that rejection can often shift a person into a new direction.

“Rejection doesn’t define you, and can retrain our brains to focus on a positive present instead of a painful past,” said Crandell.

Crandell explained he is looking forward to traveling to Chicago because he enjoys the competition. Adding, every time he competes he learns many new things about himself that needs improvement.

“I love the thrill of advancing each time I win,” said Crandell adding competing provides him another opportunity to share his message, one that hopefully makes a difference in someone’s life.

Born in Modesto, raised in Oakdale, Crandell said he began his Toastmasters journey when he joined Auburn Placer’s Gold Club – that was about five years ago. He stated he wasn’t aware there were contests being held until about a year later. Donny has been a member of Washoe Express Toastmasters in Reno Nevada since February of 2015. Once he found the gold nugget in competing, nothing has slowed him down since.

Not only is there an art to speaking in public, Crandell often adds glitter to his presentations with his entertaining magical moments that can grab one’s attention. Words may be powerful, but his array of magic tricks can punctuate his message keeping his audience on their toes.

Crandell was the first person to earn the Accredited Speaker title in District 39. He is number 71, on the accredited speakers list with Toastmasters International – a most coveted award.

A few years ago, the Crandell family moved to Reno, where he joined the Washoe Express Toastmasters Club while being a full-time Chaplin at the Nevada National Guard located in Reno. Weekends finds him in Sparks, establishing a house of worship called, “Faith Community Church.”

Crandell explained one reason why he joined Toastmasters was to sharpen his skills as a pastor since he graduated seminary school in 1994.

“I feel drawn to ministry, to me that is why public speaking has dovetailed into it. It’s about learning to be brief and effective,” said Crandell. “I also joined to make friendships with people in my community.”

Another one of Crandell’s goals is he said has learned to become a more natural speaker with his aim to come across to the audience as authentic. Another key point he made was by honoring the time clock he has learned to streamline his speaking skills and abilities.

“I do things differently now,” said Crandell adding in the beginning he would memorize his speech word-for-word – he doesn’t do that anymore.

Another difference is he didn’t attend different clubs in the area as he did in prior years presenting his contest speech in preparation for the spring conference. In turn, he said he feels more confident in his ad-libbing techniques he has gained through competing.

“I practice less, but am just as passionate about it,” said Crandell, adding staying focused on being real is paramount. He added, “Public speaking is a spiritual experience for me.”

He said he began preparing his speech for 2018, right after last year’s International Speech Contest that was held in Vancouver, B.C. He noted having a positive attitude is a bench mark for success, often asking himself if he did his best.

“Last year was about a picture of progress instead a picture of perfection,” said Crandell, adding you still win if you did your best.

There is an old saying that goes, third time’s a charm – maybe this is Crandell’s chance in proving there is magic in those words.

For further information visit Crandell’s website: apositivefocus.com

If you would like to have Donny Crandell speak at your club contact Public Relations Manager Nancy Potts










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