Spring Conference Education Session

Lark Doley DTMFriday Night Keynote Presentation:  “Transform Your Toastmasters Experience to Personal and Professional Success” 

The youngest Vice Chancellor of Finance in the University of Texas system attributed her rapid rise to professional success to Toastmasters.  Then she moved to New York and achieved even greater success on Wall Street.  What about you?  How “can” you or how “have” you used your Toastmaster skills to transform your personal and professional image?  What are the communication and leadership competencies that Toastmasters teaches?  What are key communication and leadership competencies that support personal and professional success? During this presentation we will explore the connection between Toastmasters communication and leadership competencies and those most commonly linked to personal and professional success.

Saturday Keynote Presentation:  “Make Your Club Thrive!”

Does your club thrive?  What makes a thriving club? How would visitors describe your club?  How would you describe your club?  Does your club strive for continuous improvement?  Are your members striving for continuous communication and leadership skills development? What are the roles of members and club officers in making a club thrive?  What can district leaders do to support thriving clubs?  During this educational session we will discover our roles in making clubs and members thrive!

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