2021-22 Zoom Masters

Dear Club Presidents and Division Directors,

As was set in place last year, District 39 purchased two Zoom accounts for each Division to help our clubs continue to meet virtually.

There is no charge for D39 clubs to use one of the District Division Accounts. If your club would like to purchase your own Zoom account using the Toastmasters International and Zoom offer, please feel free to do so however since we have these D39 zoom accounts available there will be no District reimbursement if your club chooses to buy your own account.  Here is a list of Zoom Accounts in our district with contact information.

List of Zoom Master Accounts – click here!

Hope this helps clarify the recent email from Toastmasters International concerning the 50% discount.
Our goal is to help our members meet virtually, in person or as hybrid clubs.

Thank you for your dedication as we move on our path forward 2021-2022.
Nancy Potts DTM
District 39 Director
email –