Build a new Toastmasters Club

Starting a new Toastmasters club is an exciting time. We would like to make this an easy process for you with step-by-step directions and information on all forms required to get this process going from beginning to end.

Toastmasters Website:

Start a New Club:


Charter Forms Checklist:

Form 1: See Start a New Club for online application. The form is also available here:

Form 2: Charter Payment form:

Form 3: Charter Member Application:

Form 4: Charter Club Officer Information:

Form 3 & 4 in Spreadsheet: (This Excel spreadsheet can be submitted to World Headquarters in place of Form 3, Charter Membership Application, and Form 4, Charter Club Officer Information. Some columns have options built into the dropdowns for club use. Clubs are still required to have a signed charter application on file.)

Form 5: Club Information:

Form 6a: Club Constitution form:

Form 6b: Addendum of Standard Club Options