District Governance

Executive Team

District Director: 
Program Quality Director: 
Club Growth Director: 
Public Relations Manager: 
Finance Manager: 
Administration Manager: 
Logistics Manager: 
District Parliamentarian: 
Immediate Past District Director: 
Ed Johnson, DTM
Nancy Potts, DTM
Denise Alder Gutherz
Skip Smith, DTM
Connie Leni, DTM
Tracy Fletcher-Bowman, DTM
Cindy Hatano
David Meigel, DTM
Wes Johnson, DTM


District Director’s Team


PDG Advisor: 
PDG Advisor: 
PDG Advisor: 
PDG Advisor: 
Leadership Committee Chair:
Realignment Chair:
Audit Chair:
Credentials Chair:
Proxy Chair:
Joey Waldrop, DTM
Gary Pettigrew, DTM
Brian Hatano, DTM
George Jarosik, DTM
Wes Johnson, DTM
Jill Fay, DTM
Susan Eisberg
George Jarosik, DTM
Louise Houdelette, DTM
John Pasamonte

District Historian:
Community Judging: Herb Long, DTM, PDG
Standing Rules: Rick Sydor, DTM, PID

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