District39 Meetup

District 39 Meetup

All District 39 clubs are invited to join the District 39 Meetup account and take advantage of the new enhancements on the platform. 


What is Meetup?
Meetup is an app and online social networking portal that helps people find others who share our same interests. Toastmasters clubs around the world have been successfully using Meetup to help prospective members find and join their club.  

What is the Cost for this service?
There is no charge. Take advantage of this opportunity by advertising your club without any cost to you or your club!

Where can you find District 39’s Meetup? 
Click on: https://www.meetup.com/District-39-Toastmasters.

Why Join Meetup?
Meetup details can include all of your clubs online information. You can use the portal as a landing page. Post links for Toastmasters International ‘Find A Club’, Free Toast Host and/or Easy Speak, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and all of your clubs Social Media links.

Meetup also has some amazing new enhancements that can potentially help you expand your media outreach and recruit new members.  

How do you Join Meetup?
For more information, please contact Veena Vijayaraj-Kadidal, Public Relations Manager at or Denise Alder Gutherz, Program Quality Director at

Here is a Meetup Job Aid that will help you get started. We can admit you to begin editing events for your club in the Group when you email the Club name and email id associated with the Meetup account (preferably a club email id).