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Our Toastmaster of the Week is Diwata Fonte.
Diwata is a magnetic Toastmaster and VP/ Education of Los Oradores Toastmasters Club, a bilingual Spanish-English Club. She is a dynamic officer and leader in the Club.
Diwata begins every meeting by showing up 15 minutes early to start the Zoom session. At the end of the meeting she exhorts individual members to sign up for roles in next week’s meeting. All throughout the meeting she has positive comments for everyone, especially first-time visitors. She has visited other bilingual clubs and has organized joint meetings with several of them. Diwata has introduced the other Club officers to Toastmasters resources and has even developed some of her own. As a result, the club is well-organized and meetings are well-run. Recently she introduced us to the agenda feature of FreeToastHost, which has greatly facilitated preparation for the meeting by the Toastmaster.
To date, Los Oradores has completed six DCP goals and has grown from 15 to 21 members, 11 of whom have joined since July 1, and Diwata is a big reason why. She is helping the new members get into Pathways and plunge into Levels 1 and 2.
On April 1, the Toastmaster magazine recently began a section to highlight the conversations members are having in the official Facebook group. They select a few questions and share some of the responses they believe other members will find helpful. For the June issue, Toastmaster magazine selected a call for virtual travel experiences. They used Diwata’s response and gave her much-deserved credit.
Frequently Diwata likes to visit other Clubs. In addition, she would like to invite everyone to visit Los Oradores via Zoom for a lovely evening of fellowship and support. Thank you Diwata for all you do. We enjoy welcoming visitors from around the world who can access us because we speak both languages. “39” salutes you!
Ed Johnson, DTM
District Director
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