Reach out and say “Hello”!

Greetings District 39 Division Directors, Area Directors, Club Officers, and all Team Members! Tomorrow we meet for the November District 39 Executive Council Meeting (DECM). This means that we have completed 4+ months of service.

While reminiscing about the time that we have worked together, I find that I have been remembering the words that Minda Fernish, DTM and Club Growth Mentor Chair said at last week’s Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI). Minda said that we build relationships in Toastmasters. That we learn from each other and we learn to care for each other. Minda explained that she is still in touch with her first mentor. Although many years have passed and he has moved out of state, he is still her mentor. He is only a phone call away. Minda also said that she has a lot of great Toastmaster friends and feels like they are her family.

Do you have members who are like that? I have met a lot of great friends during my Toastmaster journey. In this time of virtual meetings, have you thought about reconnecting with those friends? How are they doing? Have they been able to navigate this time of disruption or would they just like to have a friend to talk to! Reach out and say “Hello”! Let’s rekindle that kindness and friendship! Stand tall with all of our fellow Toastmasters, coworkers, friends and family and just say, “I thought that I would call and see how you are doing.”

Thank you for your service to District 39 and your entire community.

Ed Johnson, DTM
District 39 Director

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