Six weeks left

We have only six weeks left in the 2019-2020 Toastmaster year.  What should we focus on?

Suggested activities:

  • Contests
  • Division Directors
    • Encourage your Area Directors to finish up round 2 of Area Director Club Visits
    • Review the club visit reports
      • see how the clubs in your Division & Areas have done
      • what do they need more training in?
  • Area Directors
    • Area Director Club Visits – Now more than ever it should be easy to visit your clubs virtually.
    • When you do your reviews remember the qualities of a good evaluation (What are they doing right?, suggestion for improvement, Encouragement)
    • Deadline for Area Visits is May 31, 2020
  • Club Officers
  • Members
    • Support your club leadership, they need your support
    • Become a leader if asked, it is an opportunity for you to grow personally
    • Participate in Virtual Club Meetings
    • SMART Pathways goals for next year
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