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Toastmasters Leadership (TLI)


Club Officer Training Flier 2020-Updated​

District 39 TLI Club Officers Training 2020 Updated Flier


Club Officer Training

President Manual

President Slides PDF

Vice President Education Manual

Vice President Education Slides PDF

Vice President Education Mentorship Deck

Vice President Membership Manual

Vice President Membership Slides PDF

Vice President Public Relations Manual

Vice President Public Relations Slides PDF

VPPR ClubNewsletterTemplate 2019-05-28

VPPR Sample Smedley Campaign Flyer 2018

VPPR Full Moon August Barbeque

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Treasurer Manual

Treasurer Slides PDF

Treasurer Training Resources

Secretary Manual

Secretary Slides PDF

Katherine O’Ray Secretary Handouts

Sergeant at Arms Manual

Sergeant at Arms Slides PDF

Sergeant at Arms 2020 Handout



Pathways Beginner

Choosing a New Path

Base Camp Manager

Mentoring a New Member through Pathways

Pathways to DTM



Beginners Zoom Training

Intermediate Zoom Trainiung

Zoom Training Resources

Advanced Zoom


Leadership and Quality Club

Area Directors Club Visit Report

CSP – Club Success Plan

Distinguished Club Program_Club Success Plan.2020-07-24

Moments of Truth

Moments of Truth Chart

Moments of Truth PPT

Moments of Truth Handout

Leading the Club to Success Slides

Enhancing Evaluations Slides

Creating a Quality Club Manual

Creating a Quality Club Slides

Building on Achievement for Continued Success Manual

Building-on-Achievement-for-Continued-Success Slides

Building a Healthy Team Workbook

Building a Healthy Team Slides PDF

Club Culture Diversity Inclusion And Beloning PDF

Club Culture Diversity Inclusion And Belonging PPT

Enhancing our Toastmasters Meetings Using Prezi

Easy Speak – Jan 2020 – Member Guidelines 101

Getting Hybrid Ready

New Member Orientation Kit

Train the Trainer – New Member Orientation Handout