District 39 Training Standards:

Our District Calendar is updated as information for upcoming TLIs and registration is submitted.

*Note: To earn Distinguished Club Program Training (goal #9), District 39 Club Officers must attend two (2) hours of training for a minimum of four officers during each training period (Summer and Winter). This requirement applies, even if your club elects club officers on an annual basis.

One (1) hour shall be either an officer breakout or all officer module from Creating a Quality Club. The second hour can be an elective of your choice. If an officer holds multiple  positions, choose the officer breakout that you are most interested in attending.

Club Officers may also attend training from other Toastmaster Districts. Credit will be awarded upon submission of key information (District number and the date you attended training, or training flyer/agenda) to Denise Alder Gutherz.

Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI).

The Toastmasters Leadership Institute is where Toastmasters from across the district come together to network, share ideas, and be inspired. It’s where newly-elected club officers receive training on how to best serve their clubs. And it’s where any Toastmaster can expand skill sets as a communicator and leader with additional educational sessions.

Every Toastmaster can benefit from attending the Toastmasters Leadership Institute! Regardless of whether you’re a club officer, you are welcome to attend, join in the fun, and meet the leaders and future leaders of your district. Even if you’re not serving as a club officer, “electives” are offered that cover a variety of topics.

Many districts have found success using this format, in which training programs are conducted concurrently. In addition to the programs provided by World Headquarters, you can supplement additional courses, such as ones on evaluation, contest judging and leadership. However, the course schedule and content must guarantee that each club officer has the opportunity to get the training necessary for success in his or her specific role.

Club Officer Training (COT)

One or two trainers train all club officers as a group in one room during an evening or weekend training session lasting about four hours. Districts usually choose this format when training is done locally by area or division directors, or for make-up training sessions held for those who were unable to attend a Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI).This training format is easier to organize and requires minimal meeting space. In some situations, all of the training programs are presented consecutively, which means a club officer spends quite a bit of time listening to information that may not apply to his or her specific role. Or trainers break up the group by office for part of the training.

For example, a trainer may welcome everyone and conduct the training program “Leading the Club to Success,” then ask all club presidents to sit together at one table, all vice presidents education to sit together at another table, and so forth, where each group is trained on its specific office role and responsibilities. A sample agenda is in the appendix.