Training Plans

  • Planning Training (Prepare session leaders, choose the best trainers)
    • “Train the Trainer” will be presented to help prepare trainers.
    • Club officer training material will be selected based on discussions amongst the Program Quality Director, District Training Manager, and division directors.
    • The District Training Manager will provide sign-in sheets for each TLI and one-each for every division.  Other sign-in sheets should not be used.
  • District-Run Club Officer Training / TLI’s
    • District selects trainers to add to District Training Team and identifies those trainers who will present at the District TLI’s.
    • District conducts TLI training and ensures attendance is documented by use of sign-in sheets.
    • Training attendance documentation (sign-in sheets) will be collected and the information logged by the District Training Manager; then stored online in the District 39 chrome site.  
  • Division-Run Club Officer Training
    • Division Directors select their trainers (can include members from District Training Team).
    • Divisions hold their club officer training and ensure attendance is documented by use of provided sign-in sheets.
    • Division Directors will enter the training attended by each division club officer in District Central of the Toastmaster International website.
    • Division Directors will scan all the sign-in sheets and email them to the District Training Manager and the Program Quality Director.


Time Program Outline Notes
15 mins Registration Make sure everyone arrives
1 hour45 mins Creating a Quality Club

Club Quality

  • Mission
  • Values
  • Brand
  • Moments of Truth (Overview)
  • Distinguished Club Program
  • Executive Committee (Officer Roles)
Creating a Quality Club

PDF – Creating a Quality Club Manual

Powerpoint – Creating-a-Quality-Club

Handouts –  290H Moments of Truth Handout

15 mins Break
15 mins Going Beyond Our Club (15 minutes)

  • Joint Meetings (with other Clubs)
  • Leadership Summit
  • Networking Events
  • Holiday Gatherings
  • Having Fun together
  • Speech Contests
  • District Leadership Roles (Serving on Committees)
  • Conference Opportunities
Going Beyond Our Club

PDF – 298A_GoingBeyondOurClub_PDF

Powerpoint – 298CD_GoingBeyondOurClub

30 mins Club Central


Powerpoint – Club-Central powerpoint

Narrative – Club Central narrative

15 mins Break
60 mins Membership Growth Item 1159

  • Marketing
    • From Prospect to Guest
      • Create Awareness
      • Cultivate Interest
    • From Guest to Member
      • Induction & Orientation
    • Continued Success
      • Speechcraft
      • Membership Building Programs
      • Business Awareness Program
      • Publicity and Promotion
      • Communication Achievement Award
      • Previous Toastmasters
      • Youth Programs
      • Library Donation Program
      • The Growing, Healthy Club
  • Resources
    • Manuals
    • Club Programs
    • Promotional Materials
    • Web Resources
    • Sample Letters for Membership Promotion
PDF – 1159 Membership Growth

Powerpoint – Membership Growth – with Notes

Handouts: Features Benefits and Value Chart

handout – resources and sample letters


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