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Zoom Masters

What is a Division Zoom Master?

  • Works with the Division Director, Areas and Clubs to schedule and support virtual meetings
  • Provides Tech Support and resources
  • Collaborates with Zoom Masters in other Divisions
    • Ensure clubs can establish and conduct virtual meetings.
    • Support Division and District Virtual events (Councils, Contests, Meetings)

Each Zoom Master will :

  • Acquire and Manage 1 zoom Pro account for your Division
  • Schedule virtual zoom meetings for Clubs, Area Councils, and Division and meetings in your Division.
  • Serve as Tech Support for Zoom meetings in your Division.
  • Collaborate with Zoom Masters in other Divisions to help share needed resources.
Zoom Master 1 Zoom Master 2 Zoom Master 1 Zoom Master 2
Division A Kathleen Sandoval Mike Sullens Division F Robin Dyer-Oliver  Marianne Ward
Division B Angie Rodriguez Laura Gregory Division G   Pat Knight David Betowski
Division C Kelly Cummings Yuki Arends Marcy Johnson
Division D Justin Gomez Lynda Mendez Division I George Jarosik Theo Pope
Division E John Pasamonte Marshalle Graham Division J Brian Hatano Katherine O’Ray

District Zoom Master: Adrianna Lucero


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Virtual Meeting Resources:

Thanks to District 52 for online guide

Thanks to District 108, Lithuania for these useful tips


Adrianna Lucero and Quinn Buniel hosted our first Virtual Zoom Meeting Training.