District 39

Where Leaders Are Made

Where Leaders Are Made

District 39 Toastmasters Leadership Opportunity 2024-2025

Ours is the only organization I know dedicated to the individual. We work together to bring out the best in each of us and then we apply these skills to help others. – Ralph Smedley

A district leader has one of the most important leadership roles within Toastmasters International. The success of the district, its clubs, and the members within each club depends on how well the district leaders execute the responsibilities of their office.

Embrace the opportunity to serve at the next level and build your leadership skills and confidence for personal and professional reasons. Generously share your experience and knowledge.

We invite you to embark on your 2024 – 2025 journey by leading and serving through one of these leadership positions.

Elected Positions 

District Director

Program Quality Director

Club Growth Director

Division Director (Currently North, South, West, East, and Central)

Appointed Positions

Area Director

Administration Manager

Finance Manager

Public Relations Manager

Logistics Manager

If you are considering a leadership position, please watch this video from 2023-2024 International President Morag Mathieson.

To learn about District Leadership roles, and what educational criteria are required, see Call for Nominations.

How do you get nominated?

If you are ready to lead, or to nominate another qualified toastmaster, fill out and submit the following to Denise Alder Gutherz, District Leadership Committee Chair:

  1. The District Leader Nominating Form.
  2. The District Leader Agreement and Release Statement.
  3. The District Leader Biographical Information Form.

Nominations for elected positions are due no later than midnight Monday, February 12, 2024.

Area Councils, led by the Area Directors, have until April 30, 2024, to nominate candidates to serve as 2024/2025 Area Directors. If you are interested in serving as an Area Director next year, please contact your current Area Director today.

Questions? If you have questions about any of these roles, eligibility, or the nomination process, please contact:
Denise Alder Gutherz, Denise.Alder@district39.org or
District Director Lance McMahanLance.McMahan@District39.org
District 39 Toastmasters | P.O. Box 227, Sparks, NV 89432
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“Where Leaders Are Made”