22 Weeks – Toastmaster Promise

What should we focus on?

With 22 weeks left in the Toastmaster year, we need decide on where to focus our efforts.


Feb 29, 2020 – Club Officer Training (Club Officers)
Mar 31, 2020 – Membership Renewals
Apr 17, 2020 – District Spring Conference
May 31, 2020 – Club Visit report completed (Area & Division Directors)
Jun 30, 2020 – Traditional DTM (all requirements completed)
– DCP Credit (Club Officers & Club Members)
– New Clubs

What is important?

The answer to this question is personal, you must decide what is important for your situation.  What matters most for you will be based on where you are in your Toastmasters journey and your role in leadership this year.

What is urgent?

Once you decide what matters most and the associated deadlines your decisions will become obvious.  Focus your energies on what is most important and what is most urgent.

The Eisenhower Matrix

Introduced by President Eisenhower as a time management tool, the Eisenhower Matrix can help everyone focus on what is most important now and how to manage other things on your to do lists.  For more info on the Eisenhower Matrix and how it can help with Time Management read this article.

What if I’m not a leader?

You might be a POT (Plain Old Toastmaster) who is not actively involved in leadership this year.  I challenge you to become more engaged and lead by example.  You have a responsibility to your fellow Toastmasters.  When you joined Toastmasters, you made a promise.  I have summarized the Toastmaster promise here.

Toastmasters promise summarized:

  • Attend club meetings; be prepared and engaged
  • Work the education program
  • Provide helpful, constructive evaluations
  • Serve as a club officer when asked
  • Treat everyone with respect and courtesy
  • Bring guests to club meetings
  • Follow guidelines and rules for Toastmasters education and recognition programs
  • Conduct all Toastmasters activities within core values integrity, respect, service, excellence

Bottom Line

Whether you are a District Leader, Club Officer, Past District Leader or a Plain Old Toastmaster we are all leading others by our example.
What kind of example are you setting for others?  Are you keeping your promise?

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