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Area Director Club Visit Reports Are Due!

In order to foster club quality, Area Directors visit the clubs in their Areas at least twice a year (in a first round and a second round of visits). As the link between the club and the District, Area Directors make themselves available during these visits to answer questions and offer clubs support. This District support helps clubs retain and build membership as a result of positive member experiences.

For credit in the Distinguished Area Program, Area Directors must submit an Area Director’s Club Visit Report for the first round of visits by November 30 and for the second round of visits by May 31, 2021. These reports may be submitted online through District Central.

Club visits are opportunities for the district, through the area director, to support clubs and improve club quality. The Area Director’s Club Visit Report guides area directors in evaluating club quality during these visits by assessing the club at each of the Moments of Truth. Area directors identify opportunities for improvement and specify the support that clubs need from the district, helping clubs retain and build membership through positive member experiences. This important contribution on the part of area directors helps clubs grow and earn Distinguished recognition.

Are Area Director visits still being completed?

Yes, Area Director visits are still occurring, but will need to be conducted online.

Since clubs are either not meeting or have switched to meeting online, should Area Directors still conduct their visits?

Yes, Area Directors should still conduct their visits, now more than ever, but should do so online. If clubs are not meeting, it is a good opportunity for the Area director to extend their support. Area Directors can get an understanding of why the club is not meeting, as well as the rest of the information required for Area Director reports. The Area Director can also help facilitate the club meeting online.

First Round Club Visit Reports are due by November 30, 2020

Blank Area Director Club Visit Form Link

Submit Area Director Club Visit on-line Link

Serving Clubs Through Visits Complete Guide for Area Directors

Nancy Potts, DTM

Nancy Potts DTM

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