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Where Leaders Are Made

Where Leaders Are Made

Call for Education Session Presenters

2018 Spring Conference

Sacramento Marriott Rancho Cordova

May 18/19, 2018

At our District Conferences, the goal is to offer members education sessions that inform, entertain and
broaden their Toastmasters’ experiences. Education sessions are a primary reason for conducting
conferences, typically offering from 3 to 9 or more sessions.
You are invited to apply to be a presenter of a 55-minute education session at the upcoming 2018 Spring
Conference. Please review the criteria below and submit an application if interested. We appreciate your
willingness to share your knowledge and skills with your fellow Toastmasters!
Some Suggested Topics:
 Leadership – How to be an effective leader, developing teams, leadership principles
 Effective Evaluations – Organizing your thoughts, delivering observations effectively
 Effective Meetings – Preparing an agenda, Robert’s Rules of Order, coordination
 PowerPoint or Prezi Presentations – How to and how not to use these applications
 Goal Setting and Planning – Techniques, getting buy-in, adjusting plans
 Effective Speaking − Types of speeches, words, and phrases to avoid, appropriate language
 Storytelling – What makes a great story, types of stories, why and how to use them
 Delivery Techniques – Add pizzazz with voice, appearance, gestures, stage presence
 How to Sell Yourself – Using Table Topics in the job interview process, networking benefits
 Leadership – Being the boss you always wanted, getting others to follow with minimal effort
 The Professional Toastmaster – Emcee at company parties, family reunions, community
benefits, wedding receptions
Typical candidates for whom we are looking:
 Toastmaster members in good standing who have completed Competent Communicator or
Competent Toastmaster award.
 Members who have previously presented at the District level, have equivalent professional
experience, or have coordinated and conducted registered Success/Leadership,
Success/Communication, or Youth Leadership programs. If you do not meet these requirements,
you may request an appointment to audition your program for the District 39 Fall Conference
Education Committee.
Persons not eligible to present:
 Members competing in Area, Division or District Fall speech or evaluation contests
 Declared candidates for District Office
Expectations and Information:
 Presentation should be appropriate for a large audience (50 members) and relevant to new and
experienced Toastmasters
 Team or panel presentations will be considered
 First preference will be given to those presentations that have an interactive element and
encourage audience participation, not solely lecture style
 Sessions are usually 55 minutes in length, including 10 minutes of Q & A
 Presenters at the conferences will present at their own expense. There is no reimbursement for
conference registration, meals, travel expenses or printing of handouts.
 Indicate any requirements for electronic support equipment in the course description

Questions? Please call 916-517-0342

Jane Taff, DTM

Program Quality Director


Call for Presenters Application – Click Here