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Where Leaders Are Made

If you are a club officer – a couple of tips to help you with your renewals…

Don’t let a couple of late members hold up your renewal – renew the members whose dues you have collected so you can meet the deadline!  The others can be renewed as you collect their dues.

Don’t wait until the last day to renew – with over 16,600 clubs around the world, the system gets incredibly busy as the September 30 deadline approaches.

A club must have at least 8 members paid by October 1 to be in good standings.  There is no longer a grace period.

To submit dues renewals online, simply Login to www.toastmasters.org using your personal username and password.

Click on Leadership Central, then Club Central Click on your club name to pay renewals.
Under Conduct Club Business, click on the option Pay dues.
Once on this page, simply select the option of “in the future.” This will pull up all orders with a future membership end date.
Select the members you wish to pay for and follow the prompts to submit payment.

Consider these important details when processing membership payments:

Need help?  Contact Toastmasters International Member Services at renewals@toastmasters.org or call 1 (720) 439-5050.