District 39

Where Leaders Are Made

Where Leaders Are Made

On July 13th, 2019 our District had a DECM, a meeting of the District Executive Council, for the purpose of sharing information and making important decisions throughout the District.

During the DECM our District Director made a statement regarding Club Officer Training Standards. This is the statement that can be found in the meeting minutes.

There has been a lot confusion throughout our District over the Training Standards.

Throughout our District there have been differing opinions as to the minimum standards on training.  It has been confusing to our Officers and ultimately affects the excellence of our clubs.

This year a document was produced by the Quality Team called “District 39 training standards” It was based on the belief that Districts can set their own Training standards.

However, upon further inquiry, we now have validated and finalized direction from Toastmasters International.  The training minimum has been and always will be based on Training Club Leaders item 217.

I was recently reminded by Toastmasters Headquarters that The District Director is responsible to ensure the standards in the Training Club Leaders guide are followed.

Therefore, this is the protocol.  District 39 will be in compliance with Training Club Leaders guide this year and going forward.

  • Adjustments will be made to training events on the District calendar.
  • Toastmasters Club Officer Training standards will be posted:
    • On our District website
    • Announced on the District Facebook page
    • Sent to every officer in the District so everyone is informed of the minimum Club Officer Training standards.
  • All new Training Events must fulfill the minimum training as specified in the Training Club Leaders guide.

NOTE: I have instructed our Program Quality Director to ensure the Quality Team and Trainers will provide opportunities for all Club Officers to makeup their extra training hour they may have missed in previous trainings. At the time of this Post there are five weeks remaining in Training Round 1.

Deadline: Round 1 Club Officer Training ends on August 31

Time is running out: Most of the trainings in District 39 Training have met or exceeded the minimum training standard. However, there are some training events or series of events on the calendar that show only one or two hours of training on their agenda. If you are a Club Officer that took one of these shorter trainings, please take the extra training opportunities to ensure Toastmasters will give your club credit for your training.