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Clubs that have earned District Dollars and others seeking expense reimbursement must make requests using the Concur application. If you do not have a Concur login, please request one from the District 39 Finance Manager using the form below.

The video below covers the following topics:

  • Account Creation (for Finance Manager only)
  • Password Resets
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • 2-Factor Resets

District Dollars and Expense Reporting with Concur

District Dollars is an account that District 39 runs for your club. Every time the club wins an incentive, the money goes into the club’s District Dollars account. This system will allow you to make bigger purchases than you could before.

  • Due to Internal Revenue Service rules, Toastmasters International has prohibited districts from awarding third party gift cards (certificates) or cash as incentives.
  • Clubs will be awarded District Dollars for achieving certain incentive goals set by District 39.
  • District Dollars can be used to reimburse clubs for allowable expenses.
  • Per Toastmasters International policy, all reimbursements must be submitted via Concur with documentation (receipts).
  • All reimbursement requests must be submitted by May 31.
  • Anything that helps the club mission and promote the club’s growth. Such as, Projectors, cameras, microphones, ribbons, pins and other items the club needs to conduct business.

    • Advertising – club promotion
    • Food for meetings / open house meetings
    • Meeting supplies (signage, badges, guest sign-in books, bags or lockers for equipment, etc.)
    • Toastmasters International store purchases
    • Printing and Postage
    • Projectors, cameras, microphones or other AV equipment for meetings
    • Non-cash (or cash equivalent) member awards & gifts
    • Educational material / supplies
    • Other – prior approval from District Director required
  • Alcohol
  • Gift Cards
  • Party or Social Gathering Supplies (Open House expenses are reimbursed through Concur)
  • Membership Dues
  • Purchasing a Path for a member

Click this link to view the District 39 Incentives.

District Dollars are valid only during the Toastmaster Year in which they were earned and must be claimed during the same year, which began on July 1. All Concur requests must be submitted by May 31 of the current Toastmasters Year.

Click the link to view the District Dollars spreadsheet.

When the club buys an item, an individual member submits the expense Report in the Concur system to request reimbursement, identifying the reimbursement to be from the club’s District Dollars account.

The item reimbursement request amount must be equal to or less than the money accumulated in the club’s District Dollars account, even if the receipt is for a larger amount.

  • Concur is the expense reporting system licensed by Toastmasters International for administering district expenses.
  • Concur accounts are created for individual Toastmasters members who will request reimbursement.
  • A Toastmasters Concur account is required even if you already have a Concur account through your employer.
  • Area Directors, Division Directors, and other District officers will also request reimbursement through their Concur account for allowable District 39 reimbursements.
  • Multiple club members may have accounts and submit requests for allowable District 39 reimbursements. Please coordinate so duplicate requests are not submitted.
  • Enter the requested information on the Concur Account Request Form in the tab below.
  • Account creation takes approximately 1 week.
  • Log into your Concur account by using the Username and temporary password provided via email by the District 39 Finance Manager.
  • In Concur, update your password to your preferred choice.
  • Provide Concur with your banking information to receive the reimbursement payments.
    • Under your Profile options, choose Profile Settings.
    • Under Expense Settings, choose Bank Information.
    • Enter your banking information as requested.
    • It takes up to four business days for Concur to confirm your account. A test transaction will be sent to your account and removed once your account is verified. Once verified, the status of your account will change from “Unconfirmed” to “Confirmed.” At that time you may begin creating your expense reports.
  • Contact EMAIL if you have any questions.

Concur requires 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) as of the end of 2023. Watch the video at the top of the page to learn how to set up 2FA on Concur.

  • Concur must be used to submit all qualifying expenses.
  • Click the link to view the Concur Expense Reporting System Training.
  • Access Concur at concursolutions.com.
  • Log in to your Concur account and create a new Report.
  • Give the report a descriptive name including club # and purpose. Examples:
    • July-Sept Zoom Reimbursement for Club #1234.
    • October 1 Open House Reimbursement for Club #1234.
  • Complete the Details section:
    • For clubs this would usually be “Incentives (7082), and Reporting Code: (585) Club Growth Other.
  • Please ensure that descriptions are properly filled. Comments and notes can be entered as needed.
  • Any Mileage expense requires submission of the Google map be uploaded as a receipt into the Concur report indicating the distance in miles, the start and end location of your trip, and the reason for the trip. The number of miles needs to be typed in the box marked number of miles in Concur then multiplied by the appropriate rate of 14 cents per mile.
  • Attach receipts for all expenditures. Receipts may exceed the amount being requested for reimbursement. The Amount being requested for reimbursement cannot exceed the amount of District Dollars earned or the District limit for the expense.
  • Vouchers/invoices for reimbursement should be legible, complete and have appropriate backup. Credit card statements are NOT valid receipts.
  • Any purchases in excess of $500 must have preapproval of the District Director.
  • Any preapprovals obtained from the District Director should also be attached for documentation.
  • Submit for Approval in Concur.
  • If returned to you – Make any corrections or additions and resend for approval.
  • District Dollars must be used in the Toastmasters Year earned and reimbursement requested in Concur by May 31.
  • Reimbursement for other qualifying expenses (non-District Dollars) must be requested in Concur by June 15.
  • Deadline for submission of ALL expenses is 30 days after the date the expenditure was incurred – or the submission deadline – whichever date comes first. Otherwise, expenses may be disallowed due to late submission.
  • Contact EMAIL if you have any questions.

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