District 39

Where Leaders Are Made

Where Leaders Are Made

Greetings District 39 Toastmasters,

Why did you join Toastmasters?  Why do you stay?  I joined to improve my communication skills.  I stay because of what I have learned and the wonderful people who have become my friends along the way.  I hope you have a similar story you can share.

The Toastmasters New Year begins on July 1st.  There are a few changes this year, but our Mission is still the same.

If we focus on doing the right things at the right time, we will achieve amazing things this year.  How will we know what the right things are?

We need to plan for Success.  I am asking all leaders in our great District to collaborate with each other and plan for a President’s Distinguished year.

Let’s be One Team heading down One Path becoming One District that everyone wants to join!


District Mission: We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.

Vision Statement: District 39 will achieve President’s Distinguished status before May 31, 2020

Slogan: Focus Together on the Most Important Thing

Motto: One Team • One Path • One District

What is the Most Important Thing?  (Execute Success Plan)

Core Values: Integrity, Respect, Service, Excellence

Big Picture: President’s Distinguished District

The One Thing: Execute Success Plan



Guiding Principles:

  1. Speak with hope about the toughest of issues.
  2. Be Solution focused rather than problem focused.
  3. Refrain from reacting and giving voice to pessimism, criticism, self-criticism.
  4. Speak about problems to the right people in the right way.
  5. Replace negative words and thoughts with positive and encouraging words.

First 100 days (June 6 – Sep 14): 

  1. Success Plan – District, Division, Area, Club
  2. Training – Division, Area, Club
  3. Club Visits – Know your clubs
  4. Retention – No member loss, No club loss
  5. Growth – New Members, New Clubs

Second 100 days (Sep 15 – Dec 24):

  1. Quality – 100% Trained
  2. Growth – Add net 5 members
  3. Distinguished Clubs – Distinguished in December
  4. Club Visits – submit reports Nov 30

Third 100 days (Dec 26, 2019 – Apr 4, 2020):

  1. Training – Club Officers
  2. Contests – Club, Area, Division

Final months (April, May, June)

  1. Conference
  2. Succession Planning
  3. Distinguished Clubs
  4. Club Visits – submit reports May 31

District 39 Vision 2020