District 39

Where Leaders Are Made

Where Leaders Are Made

For those of you who missed the Spring conference, here’s a brief summary presented by District 39 Social Media Manager David Goad at the end of the conference:

On Friday night Sheryl got us all in a great mood

Taught us to tackle life with a SparkleTude

Toastmasters is where speakers and leaders are made

And we got this party started with a masquerade

We laughed more than 15 minutes with friends

I drank so much I should have worn my Depends

After a passionate pledge of allegiance as our morning mantra

We got to know the trio of Zack, Jane and Sondra

Then we drove on Sheryl’s roadmap and she was not alone

New member Dana got way out of her comfort zone

Sheryl says let’s help each other and not be jerks

When you work the program, the program works

Her words made us all much stronger not weaker

She has the great big heart of a professional speaker

Michael Notaro was awesome and a really nice guy

With courage enough to wear an electric pink tie

Overcoming barriers to greatness he said

Requires cultivation of the thoughts in your head

Developing what we have inside

Succeeding together and enjoying the ride

“Stop boring your audience!” Rick Sydor proclaims

And then he started naming contestant names

Donny uses out of state cash to buy food

Paul is a lawyer with a Sparkletude

Amina says excite your kids and don’t panic

With Jacqeline anything’s possible with quantum mechanics

Joyce’s daughter found her people, it’s true

Jim said PHDs are smarter than you

Dyslexic Rebecca said move forward if you dare

John Davis is old and just doesn’t care

But I guess that works for him he was the winner

Then came the international contest after dinner

Ruth Schwartz loved her son whether he liked it or not

It’s about how we handle challenges and we caught the thought

Joseph Voska and his wife learned what true love was for

What you say does matter, but what you do matters more

Charles unlocked the prison inside his head

He wanted to live a full life and not end up dead

Adam’s world depends on a quiet song that he sings

About the significance of a seemingly insignificant thing

Jim Kroshus taught his grandson Preston to drive

It’s a wonder they both are still alive

Donny encouraged us to reach out in faith

And measure richness in the friendships we cultivate

Hearing Patrick’s golden voice… ah, I’ll never get tired

You know I love you man. No response required.

Chuck externalized his internal voice

Our importance is the result of a personal choice

Reid you worked out in the gym? I think you’re lying

But your past does not determine your future, keep trying

What an honor to hear the best from our best

I enjoyed every speech and I was impressed.

So… my friends we have connected once again

Thank you all for being my facebook friend

As you return to your homes from this mountain top
Share the love with your clubs and never stop