Dues are Due!

It’s not too late to renew your membership in your Club for another six months of support, mentorship, friendship and professional growth.   You are allowed to renew your membership after the due date.
Once you renew your dues, your access to Pathways will be restored.
Club Officers:
Click on “Leadership Central.”
Click on “Club Central.”
Click on “Submit Payment.”
Choose the Name of the Member by clicking “Add To Cart.”
Click on “Continue to Payment Information.”
If you are paying dues for yourself, enter your credit card information and click “Submit Payment.”
If you are paying dues for a fellow member use your Club’s debit or credit card and enter the card information, then click “Submit Payment.” Ensure that your Club Treasurer has received the payment from the member for whom the payment is being made.
If you are paying dues for a fellow member who has provided you with their credit card information, enter the information provided, then click “Submit Payment.” Don’t forget to destroy the members’ credit card information after submitting the payment.
Timely payment of dues will ensure that you remain a member in good standing, of a Club in good standing. You will continue to have access to Pathways to continue your speech projects, along with all of the other benefits that Toastmasters International provides.