District 39

Where Leaders Are Made

Where Leaders Are Made

By Kristi Beres

Carmela Porcella and Bill Inman met in 2004 when they both were selling Avon products for Bill’s sister. This dynamic duo married in May 2016. Find out more about these adventurous rock-stars from Carson City, Nevada who are your District 39 Fall Conference Co-chairs.

D39: When did you join Toastmasters and what clubs do you belong to?
Bill Inman (BI): I joined Toastmasters in April 2009 Capital Nevada, We the People, Carson Valley.
Carmela Porcella (CP): April 2009. Capital Nevada, We the People.

D39: What attributes do you have that made you decide to be conference chairs?
CP: Volunteering and realizing that things will go wrong and not to worry about it. To paraphrase Tim Gard, “We’re going have fun and no one is going to stop us.”
BI: A good appetite and naive enough to volunteer.

D39: What projects and activities do you two do as a couple outside of Toastmasters?
BI: We have taken some grand adventures- we hiked and ate at Furnace Creek, Death Valley, at 200 feet below sea level and also to the “Eleven 53 Cafe” on top of Mammoth Mountain – at 11,053 feet ABOVE sea level.

CP: As a true New Yorker, I had never been to the top of the Empire State Building until I went with Bill in August 2017! We love cruises, hiking, and the numerous road trips to Sacramento when we write our now famous songs!

D39: What experiences in Toastmasters have helped you with conference planning?
BI: I know from experience that any new Toastmasters role is a learning opportunity, and being a conference (co)chair is a new role.
CP: When Noralee Cole was our Division Governor and we were new Area Governors, she told us we knew what we were doing. She’s a great mentor, and she taught me to trust my instincts and let other people do their jobs. Thank you Noralee!

D39: How did you pick the Rock and Roll theme?
BI: When we found out it was at it was going to be at the Hard Rock Hotel/Casino- it was obvious what our theme would be.
CP: I love the Beatles! Fall Conference- yeah, yeah, yeah!

D39: What will be the vibe of Friday Night Fun Night?
CP: Dress like a Rock Star! Sing! Dance! Try and ditch the paparazzi!
BI: There will also be the DTM ceremony and a bunch of other awards.

D39: What new things are you trying for the District 39’s last Fall Conference?
BI: Other really ROCKIN’ it near Lake Tahoe? Leave your banners at home because we will have a digital banner parade.
CP: Origami Flowers and singing live on stage as the D39’s.

D39: How can folks volunteer for the conference?
BI and CP: Contact Volunteer Chair Division B Director John Velasco johnrand.v.316@gmail.com to volunteer.

D39: What is the best part of attending conferences?
BI: The food. Grrr!
CP: Seeing TM friends, meeting new Toastmasters, keynotes, contests, and shopping for new clothes.

D39: Saturday is the District Evaluation Contest. What one tip do you have for an awesome evaluation?
BI: Listen carefully to the speech and come up with something that will help the speaker.
CP: There is no wrong evaluation since it is your opinion. Just remember to offer suggestions for improvement and summarize your evaluation at the end. Also have fun!

D39: Saturday night will be the District’s Humorous Speech Contest. Who outside the District makes you laugh?
CP: Tim Gard and Kate McKinnon’s parodies of Clinton and Conway on Saturday Night Live.
BI: I agree- Tim Gard. That guy is funny! Like Carmela said earlier- we’re adopting his motto: “We’re going to have fun and no one is going to stop us.”

D39: Why are you hyped about this conference?
BI: Because it’s gonna ROCK!!!
CP: I’m gonna dress like a Rock Star, and I love Rock ‘n Roll and Toastmasters!

D39: Why should D39 members sign up today for the full conference?
BI: It’s an excuse to come to Tahoe for the weekend. Also, the humorous speeches, and this will probably be the last chance to see a District Humorous Speech Contest in a conference format.

CP: Lake Tahoe is so beautiful. What would be more fun than to spend the weekend with your Toastmasters friends enjoying the conference and contests? Then spend Sunday exploring the lake, ride the gondola to the Heavenly Ski Resort, have dinner on the MS Dixie night cruise.

D39: For more information about the Fall Conference visit District 39 Fall Conference Website: http://www.district39.org/2017-fall-conference/

We will see you November 10 and 11 in South Lake Tahoe.