District 39

Where Leaders Are Made

Where Leaders Are Made

Dear Toastmaster

We noticed that your membership dues have not yet been submitted to Toastmasters International. While it might have been an oversight,
there are just a few days until the deadline of September 30 to renew.

If Toastmasters helped you:


If you have:

Then, for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, you have every reason to renew in the proven program that puts you and your goals first.

Renewing your membership will allow you continue your achievement path in Toastmasters, hold office, earn awards, have uninterrupted
access to Pathways and participate in the Humorous speech contest being held in October.

Contact your club officer today! If you have a credit card your club officer can pay your Toastmasters International dues online.

Grow with us and learn the skills that will take you into your best future! 

If you are a Club Officer:

Call your members and help them renew their membership.

Timely submission of your own dues will give you uninterrupted access to Club Central where you can submit education awards,
add new members, pay membership dues, etc.

If you are the President, VP of Education, or Secretary, you will have

Find Tutorials on Leadership Central – How to pay Dues /add members by Club officers