Nominated Candidates

The following active members of District 39 have gone through the Nominating process by the District Leadership Committee. Thank you District Leadership Committee and DLC Chair Noralee Cole for all your hard work and commitment to excellence.

List is ordered by Last Name.


Last Name First Name Email
District Director
Beres Kristi
Johnson Ed
Program Quality Director
Cullifer Jon
Potts Nancy
Club Growth Director
Alder Gutherz Denise
Berlant Patricia
Lewis Donna
O’Ray Kathie
Ward Marianne
Division Directors      
Division A Director Sandoval Kathleen
Division B Director vacant
Division C Director Cummings Kelly
Division D Director vacant
Division E Director vacant
Division F Director vacant
Division G Director      
  Nagendra Jag
  Knight Pat
Division H Director Nawar  Reham 
Division I Director vacant
Division J Director Bradshaw Kenneth   


  • There are still vacancies for Division Directors for Divisions B, D, E, F, and I. For more information, please contact DLC Chair Noralee Cole,
  • If these positions are not voted on, the position will be Appointed by elected District Director, then confirmed by District Council in August.
  • Some members may be listed twice, because they went through the DLC Interviewing process.
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