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Where Leaders Are Made

Where Leaders Are Made

January 5, 2019

Dear Club Presidents,

2019, the year of the Wow, is upon us…are you ready?

I ask you to ‘Wow’ your current and prospective Toastmaster members with the best club experience possible. Welcome to The Wow!Factor Project! The goal of this program is to increase the quality and performance of each club around the world. When you visit a McDonald’s anywhere in the world, do you expect a consistent experience? Toastmaster members and guests have a right to expect a consistent, quality club experience anywhere around the world, too.  Let’s raise the bar of every club across the globe to be more uniform and top-performing. Let’s make this our gold standard!

Please start 2019 with a deep analysis of your club. This is the time to be proud of your accomplishments, but also to be realistic about what needs to be improved. Utilize tools, such as the Club Quality checklist and Moments of Truth, to fully assess how your club is performing. Find the gaps and areas of weakness.

Then in February and March, I want you to put these vital club findings into a plan of action. Fill in the gaps to become ‘the best club possible.’ Utilize more tools, such as the Open House Flier and new marketing materials, to improve each club experience, to conduct the ‘best meetings possible.’ Publicize and hold Open Houses to recruit new members. Share the benefits of Toastmasters with friends and co-workers. Invite members to think and say “wow!” when they attend a meeting. Be on the lookout for a kick-off video program that will encourage you to send in a video of your club’s unique Wow experience using #wowfactor.

By March, your Wow factor should be in full motion and then keep it in motion! Have each member of your club re-assess their individual goals. Re-assess your goals! Continually improve the club experience. Continually publicize when and where your club meets.  Promote the mission of the club to share the benefits of Toastmasters membership. Retain existing members by supporting their personal and professional goals. Is your club the best example of The Wow!Factor Project? Are you personally an example of The Wow!Factor? Show me! Send in your video using #wowfactor!

I am excited to embark on this journey with you to show the world how we Wow!


Lark Doley



Lark Doley
International President 2018–2019
Toastmasters International