District 39

Where Leaders Are Made

Where Leaders Are Made

Fellow Toastmasters:

I’m jazzed to serve alongside my Trio-mates—Lt. Governor Education and Training John Davis and Lt. Governor Marketing Sondra Nunez–as we embark on our year as your elected leaders. Philip Williams, Public Relations Officer, along with Treasurer Myra Golson, Secretary Sue Eisberg and Parlimentarian Rick Sydor, are also anxious to serve you.

We are dedicating ourselves—as our predecessors did—to making the district distinguished once again and providing the tools for the members to be successful. Along with our energetic team of division and area governors, we are committed to serve you, the members.

I’m confident that the district will be successful—and ultimately distinguished—because of our combined efforts and teamwork. And that includes you.

Thank you for putting your trust in us. We appreciate your support as we work together toward a common goal—providing the members with a life-changing experience.

Live for Excellence!
Brian Hatano, DTM
District Governor 2014-15