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Where Leaders Are Made

Where Leaders Are Made

2016 Spring Conference Keynote Speaker – Sheryl Roush.  Do not miss this event.  Add sparkle to your life.

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Sheryl Roush works with organizations on business success to: increase intrinsic motivation; boost morale; inspire employee engagement; foster team spirit; elevate customer service; and generate more business. Clients bring her on-site to address staff in their workplace, speak at association meetings, conference keynotes and breakout session, seminars, kick-off events and to facilitate retreats.

Programs are high-content and highly-tailored, delivered with a motivational style and tone, creating immediate results. Clients range from associations, biotech, direct sales, education, finance, government, healthcare, hospitality and tourism, insurance and lawyers and law enforcement, manufacturing, military, real estate, retail, technology, transportation, and women in business.

Her 35 years of diverse experience and expertise blends skills for communicating: in person (interpersonal, teams, leadership, interviewing) in public (speaking, training, sales presentations, media interviews, social media), and in print (sales and marketing, graphic design and advertising).

Both the National Speakers Association Greater Los Angeles Area Chapter and the San Diego Chapter have presented Sheryl their Member of the Year awards. She also received the Golden Microphone Award from the GLAC Chapter. Sheryl has been a Professional Member of the National Speaker Association since 1996.

For enhancing global communication and leadership, Toastmasters International honored Sheryl with their 2009 Presidential Citation, selected from over 260,000 members. In 1993 Sheryl was the sixth woman (and the youngest) in the world to be honored by Toastmasters with their elite Accredited Speaker designation for “outstanding platform professional speaking” (scored in six categories). Only 67 have earned the award in 132 countries.

With over 3,500 presentations of experience, Sheryl has presented throughout Canada and the U.S., as well as Australia, the Bahamas, England, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico City, Puerto Rico, Singapore, and has addressed seven Middle Eastern nations in Doha, Qatar. Sheryl understands the importance of showing respect to diverse and multi-cultural audiences. She has opened conferences for Marie Osmond and Marvin Hamlisch, closed for Geena Davis, followed Olivia Newton-John, and has appeared alongside Art Linkletter, Good Morning America’s Joan Lunden, Jane Seymour, Marcus Buckingham and Suze Orman.

As Director of Speaker Training for the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California, she started the Speakers Bureau, coaching Olympians in their speaking skills. She also created the AIDS Foundation San Diego speakers bureau and trained their speakers. Since 2000, Sheryl has coached the NFL San Diego Charger Girls cheer and dance team in their public speaking and media interviewing skills, as they serve as official Ambassadors for the organization. She trained lecturers at The Chopra Center, who speak on platform with Deepak Chopra, as well as management at the “World Famous” San Diego Zoo.

Twice crowned as “Ms. Heart of San Diego” for contributions to battered and homeless women and children in her community (having been abused herself), Sheryl authored the Heart Book Series of inspirational books, with original short stories, poems and quotations. She was also crowned “Queen of Hope” by The Crowns for Cure (breast cancer research). Her award-winning books include: Solid Gold Newsletter Design; Sparkle-Tudes!®; Heart of a Woman; and Heart of a Woman in Business, Heart of a Mother, Heart of a Military Woman (2009 Best Inspirational, San Diego Book Awards), Heart of the Holidays, Heart of Thanksgiving, Heart of Christmas, and Heart of a Toastmaster (2014 Best Anthology, International Book Awards).

From her experiences working in print shops, surrounded by abundant negativity, the constant stress of meeting tight deadlines, doing more with less, low morale and high demands of customers and bosses, Sheryl realized early on that there must be a better way of doing business. Perhaps one where there was more “heart” … a place where people would willingly bring their talents to work, and be respected and valued as a whole-person. If staff was happier and could express themselves assertively, they felt better about themselves – which then radiated to their co-workers – they would naturally be more engaged in their work, carry less stress, be more productive, work closer as a team, make less mistakes, have a sense of harmony and fun, cherish their customers… and truly thrive.

After seeing this potential “ideal” workplace throughout her years in marketing, software development and self-development companies, she tested her theories – starting with her own attitude – and they worked. In spite of experiencing an assortment of character-building challenges (including bankruptcy and an abusive marriage), they still worked! Sheryl is an 8-time business owner and a 17-time published author.