You Are Appreciated

Hello fellow “39ers”!   It’s no secret that Toastmasters dues are due for renewing your membership.   But why do we encourage you to renew your membership?  The answers are simple:  

  • You can continue to build the skills you need to become a more confident public speaker (yes, even in a virtual environment).
  • You can become a stronger leader in every area of your life.
  • Your club can remain in “good standing”.
  • You will continue to grow as a person and help others to grow while demonstrating the caring and generosity that you’ve displayed your entire time as a Toastmaster in District 39.  You can be sure that you are appreciated.

We all know that renewal payments are due twice a year, on October 1 and April 1.  During this current renewal period, in order for you to continue with unbroken membership, to maintain access to Base Camp, and help your club to remain in good standing, your April dues payment must be received by World Headquarters on or before March 31.  The way to renew is to contact your club’s Vice President of Membership or Member Support Team and complete the renewal form and pay the fee.  Do it today!

Your membership renewal ensures that your club will continue to provide you growth opportunities as a speaker, to develop as a leader, and to demonstrate your caring and dedication to Toastmasters.  You are wanted, needed, and truly appreciated.  On behalf of District 39, thank you for renewing and for “doing the right thing”.

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