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Where Leaders Are Made

Where Leaders Are Made

TLI Keynote Speaker – Louisa Davis DTM, ID

International Director, Region 1 Louisa Davis, DTM, of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is a learning and communication specialist with Best Buy Canada. She takes care of change management for the large consumer electronics retailer’s merchandising team, providing communications and training on systems, tools, best practices, and leadership development. Davis earned a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Guelph, focusing on tourism and hospitality management. She is a chartered professional in human resources (CPHR), a certified meeting professional (CMP), and holds a certification in meeting management (CMM). She was the 2018-2019 District 96 Toastmaster of the Year and served as District 96 Director when the pandemic hit. A Toastmaster since 2002, Davis is a member of Speak Your Mind Toastmasters, in Vancouver and Be Amazing Toastmasters, Best Buy’s corporate club, in Burnaby. She has held a number of high-profile leadership positions within Toastmasters and has attained the Distinguished Toastmaster designation—the highest level of educational achievement in the organization. “When Toastmasters find their voice and gain the confidence to express themselves without fear or doubt, it transforms them,” said Davis. “This goes well beyond our organization—it empowers people to make a difference in their lives and to, ultimately, change the world.” As a member of the Toastmasters International Board of Directors, Davis is a “working ambassador” for the organization. She works with the Board to develop, support, and modify the policies and procedures that guide Toastmasters International in fulfilling its mission.    

December Toastmasters Leadership Institute and Club Officer Training

Join District 39’s Toastmaster Leadership Institute with keynote, Pres Vasilev, 2013 World Champion of Public Speaking. 9:00AM – 10:15AM: How to Uncover the Glory of Your Story™ [Pres Vasilev] In this interactive storytelling workshop, the 2013 World Champion of Public Speaking Pres Vasilev will reveal the most powerful storytelling secrets. Watch Pres Vasilev’s winning World Championship speech, engage in a dynamic discussion to explore its storytelling secrets, and learn how to craft your own compelling stories. Watch his award winning World Championship of Public Speaking Video: 10:30AM – 11:20AM: How to give an amazing evaluation [Panel Discussion] 11:30AM – 12:00PM: What you need to know about the judges ballot 12:00PM – 12:30PM: Judges ethics and bias 12:30PM – 1:00PM: When you are the Contest Chair December 4, 2021 9:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada) (Time is Pacific, UTC-8) Register for event via Zoom  

Sheryl Roush Video – “Market Like A Pro: How to Promote Your Club to Potential Members”

Sheryl Roush – “Market Like A Pro: How to Promote Your Club to Potential Members” Learn tried-and-proven tips. Understand best placement of elements in the layout and why. Be creative while respecting TI branding. Attract guests and new members to your Club. Sheryl Roush, DTM, PDD, Accredited Speaker, shares her 45+ years in graphic design, marketing, and advertising. She has owned 5 graphic design studios, received 4 Toastmasters Top Ten global awards for newsletters, and published 5 books on this topic. Her 17 books include Solid Gold Newsletter Design, created for Toastmasters VP-M, VP-PR, PROs and PRMs, became a course book at the University of Ottawa. Click here to see “Market Like A Pro” video Click here for Sheryl’s Workshop Handout

Club Officer Training – round 2 results

Please review the Club Officer Training – round 2 results If there are any errors in these results, please report to russ.steele@district39.org District Club Officer Training – Mar. 22, 2021 Division Area Club Id Club Name Pres VPE VPM VPPR Sec Treas SAA Total A 11 456 Washoe Express Club X X X X 4 A 11 2318 Sierra Sunrise Club X X X X X 5 A 11 3367 American Valley Club X X X X X 5 A 11 5783 University Club X X X X X X 6 A 12 3799 First Nevadans Toastmasters Club X X X X 4 A 12 736891 Reno Storytellers X X X X 4 A 12 1538599 The Chamber Toastmasters X X X X 4 A 13 6636 Jibboom Street Club X X X X X X X 7 A 13 8115 Blue Tahoe 0 A 13 1530887 Truckee Talkers X X X X 4 A 14 3842 Washoe Zephyrs X X X X X 5 A 14 6326 Reno Downtowners Club X 1 A 14 1178392 Sierra Advanced Speakers X X X X X X X 7 A 14 3598503 Toastmasters Comedy Club X X X X X X X 7 B 21 178 Truckee Meadows Toastmasters Club X X X X X 5 B 21 4302 Protalkers Toastmasters Club X X X X X X 6 B 21 1373428 Biggest Little Talkers X X X X X 5 B 21 7194119 Giga 1 Tesla Talkers 0 B 22 2131 Carson Communicators Club X X 2 B 22 2299 Kit Carson Club X X X X X 5 B 22 1121113 Silver Tongue Toastmasters X X X X X X 6 B 23 1813 Capital Nevada Club X X X X 4 B 23 5420 Carson Valley Toastmasters Club X X X X X X 6 B 23 5042634 Bently Nevada Minden Toastmasters 0 C 31 299 Paradise Toastmasters On The Ridge Club X X X X X 5 C 31 558 Chico Club 558 X X X X 4 C 31 662 Hooker Oak Club 0 C 31 5113 Best By A Dam Site Club 0 C 31 9819 SpeakEasy Club X X X X 4 C 32 197 Redding Evening Club X X 2 C 32 1449 Tehama Speakers X X 2 C 32 818170 Northern Lights X X X X 4 C 33 1819 Peachbowl Dawnbreakers Club X X X X 4 C 33 9778 Mission Staters Club X X X X X X 6 C 33 649290 Funtalkers Toastmasters Club X 1 C 33 3056202 Marysville Toastmasters 0 D 41 4527 Fairfield-Suisun Orators Club X X X X 4 D 41 1340401 CAC Masters 0 D 41 2178125 Talk of NorthBay X X X X X 5 D 41 5484140 N.S.C.A.R. Toastmasters Club X X X X X X X 7 D 42 3337 Davis Town And Gown Toastmasters X X X X X 5 D 42 6870 Dixon Toastmasters Club X X X X X X 6 D 42 1247772 Davis Daytime Toastmasters 0 D 42 1451158 TalkAways 0 D 43 6938 Vacaville City Speakers Toastmasters X X X 3 D 43 7674 Vaca Morning Toast X X X X X X 6 D 43 4001536 Delta Breeze 0 E 51 1571 Inspired Communicators 0 E 51 7997 River City Toastmasters Club X X X X 4 E 51 8175 Sacramento Downtowners X X X X X 5 E 51 8836 Master Talkers Toastmasters Club X 1 E 52 2370 Capital Communicators Club X X X X X 5 E 52 9010 Capitol Toasters Toastmasters Club X X X X X 5 E 52 1375467 Strictly Speaking Toastmasters X X X 3 E 52 5707062 CT Speaks 0 E 53 999 Clear Signals X X X X X 5 E 53 4837 Carb-Orators Toastmasters Club 0 E 53 8537 Pestmasters Toastmasters Club X X X X X X X 7 E 53 9632 Trash Talkers Club X X X X X X X 7 E 53 3926230 Sacramento Green Speakers X X X X X X 6 E 54 142 Capital City Toastmasters Club X X X X X 5 E 54 7489 Golden State Capitol Toastmasters Club X X X X X X 6 E 54 9292 East End Orators Club X X X 3 E 54 1644909 CalVet Golden Bears Toastmasters 0 F 61 1070 Foothill Toastmasters Club X X X X X 5 F 61 4045 Roseville Communicators X X X X X 5 F 61 589646 Roseville Toasters Club X X X X 4 F 61 1510117 Kaiser Thrive Talkers X X X X X 5 F 61 3950889 AH Toastmasters X X 2 F 62 4089 Gold Country Toastmasters Club X 1 F 62 4685 PCAR Toastmasters X X X X 4 F 62 6080 Placer’s Gold Club X X X X X X 6 F 62 1280855 Oracle Rocklin Toastmasters X 1 F 62 7538467 Thunder Masters X 1 F 63 5313 Voices of Lincoln Toastmasters Club X X X X X 5 F 63 7914 Roseville Rappers Club X X X 3 F 63 3475682 Leading with PRIDE 0 F 64 5014 Early Risers Toastmasters Club 0 F 64 7345 Empire Toastmasters Club X 1 F 64 9349 Timberline Toastmasters 0 G 71 6833 Folsom Intellects Club X X 2 G 71 1014621 Old Town Talkers X X X X X X X 7 G 71 5053174 Prairie City Talkers X X X X X 5 G 71 5739080 Powerschool Toastmasters X X X X 4 G 72 769 Statement Makers Toastmasters Club X X X X X 5 G 72 3416 El Dorado Gold Toastmasters Club X X X X 4 G 72 981104 HDR Toastmasters Club X 1 G 72 5668570 CAISO Toastmasters Club X X X 3 G 73 1735 Determined Club X X X X X X 6 G 73 3359 Sunrise Center Toastmasters Club 0 G 73 4056 Diamond Club X X

Hybrid Meeting Recommendations

Greetings amazing Toastmasters, Since some clubs are starting to meet in person again, it won’t be too long before others follow suit.  Theo Pope, one of our leaders at District 39, worked with his team of advisors to develop a document titled Hybrid Meeting Recommendations.  This document is the result of his High Performance Leadership (HPL) project. It’s purpose is to give Toastmaster Clubs recommendations on creating hybrid meetings for their clubs and improving the member experience at hybrid meetings. A test was conducted and research was done to find out what works for a hybrid meeting. A hybrid meeting has physical participants and virtual participants using Video conferencing technology specifically Zoom in this case.  This PDF shows the Configuration and Results of our test and what is called Cowork locations that have meeting rooms with conferencing ability utilizing Zoom. Hybrid meetings overview  is given on pages 3 and 4 including a link to a video that shows the test setup. The rest of the document is for those who wish to dive deeper into the details. If you have any questions, please contact Theo Pope TheoPope@gmail.com Hybrid Meeting Recommendations

New Pathways look and feel

Toastmasters has fixed one of my Pathways User Interface issues. It now opens a Tab for you instead of creating a popup. Login to Toastmasters.org www.toastmasters.org/login Visit your profile www.toastmasters.org/my-toastmasters/profile Click on Pathways Transcript Link Click on Open Curriculum button Click on Launch Button When it launches the Lesson it creates a new Tab for you instead of a Pop-up windows.

Club Officer Training Standards

On July 13th, 2019 our District had a DECM, a meeting of the District Executive Council, for the purpose of sharing information and making important decisions throughout the District. During the DECM our District Director made a statement regarding Club Officer Training Standards. This is the statement that can be found in the meeting minutes. There has been a lot confusion throughout our District over the Training Standards. Throughout our District there have been differing opinions as to the minimum standards on training.  It has been confusing to our Officers and ultimately affects the excellence of our clubs. This year a document was produced by the Quality Team called “District 39 training standards” It was based on the belief that Districts can set their own Training standards. However, upon further inquiry, we now have validated and finalized direction from Toastmasters International.  The training minimum has been and always will be based on Training Club Leaders item 217. I was recently reminded by Toastmasters Headquarters that The District Director is responsible to ensure the standards in the Training Club Leaders guide are followed. Therefore, this is the protocol.  District 39 will be in compliance with Training Club Leaders guide this year and going forward. Adjustments will be made to training events on the District calendar. Toastmasters Club Officer Training standards will be posted: On our District website Announced on the District Facebook page Sent to every officer in the District so everyone is informed of the minimum Club Officer Training standards. All new Training Events must fulfill the minimum training as specified in the Training Club Leaders guide. NOTE: I have instructed our Program Quality Director to ensure the Quality Team and Trainers will provide opportunities for all Club Officers to makeup their extra training hour they may have missed in previous trainings. At the time of this Post there are five weeks remaining in Training Round 1. Deadline: Round 1 Club Officer Training ends on August 31 Time is running out: Most of the trainings in District 39 Training have met or exceeded the minimum training standard. However, there are some training events or series of events on the calendar that show only one or two hours of training on their agenda. If you are a Club Officer that took one of these shorter trainings, please take the extra training opportunities to ensure Toastmasters will give your club credit for your training.

How to Project Vocal Confidence!

How to Project Vocal Confidence! I was listening to this Podcast, hope you enjoy it also. (Click Here for Podcast Link) You’ll Learn: How you’re likely breathing wrong and what to do about it Three ways the power of your voice is reduced The key things most people neglect when preparing for a speech All the Best! Amrik Chima Dist39 Webmaster

Speechwriting 101

Toastmasters International, Expert speechwriters weigh in on the basics of crafting a speech. Link to article