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Where Leaders Are Made

Where Leaders Are Made

Zoom Masters

Visit here for news & resources on conducting Virtual Meetings. Zoom Masters What is a Division Zoom Master? Works with the Division Director, Areas and Clubs to schedule and support virtual meetings Provides Tech Support and resources Collaborates with Zoom Masters in other Divisions Ensure clubs can establish and conduct virtual meetings. Support Division and District Virtual events (Councils, Contests, Meetings) Each Zoom Master will : Acquire and Manage 1 zoom Pro account for your Division Schedule virtual zoom meetings for Clubs, Area Councils, and Division and meetings in your Division. Serve as Tech Support for Zoom meetings in your Division. Collaborate with Zoom Masters in other Divisions to help share needed resources. Zoom Master 1 Zoom Master 2 Zoom Master 1 Zoom Master 2 Division A Kathleen Sandoval Mike Sullens Division F Robin Dyer-Oliver  Marianne Ward Division B Angie Rodriguez Laura Gregory Division G Pat Knight David Betowski Division C Kelly Cummings Yuki Arends Division H Reham Newar Marcy Johnson Division D Justin Gomez Lynda Mendez Division I George Jarosik Theo Pope Division E John Pasamonte Marshalle Graham Division J Brian Hatano Katherine O’Ray District Zoom Master: Adrianna Lucero FAQ: Is there a Discussion Group ? Yes, there is a Slack Channel https://district39.slack.com/, #zoom-masters channel An invitation will be sent to all District Zoom Masters, if you need an invite, please send request to Wes Johnson Virtual Meeting Resources: Toastmasters – Online Attendance On-line TM meetings – vers 2 D52OnlineGuide-zoom Thanks to District 52 for online guide Look Good On Camera Get Ready with Zoom Get Ready for Online Meeting Get Ready for Online Contest Thanks to District 108, Lithuania for these useful tips   Adrianna Lucero and Quinn Buniel hosted our first Virtual Zoom Meeting Training.

Improve your Pathways experience

NOTE: Updated article to include 2 more ways to add the extension to Chrome browsers.  As members are using Pathways, it seems they are having challenges with the user interface.  I used to dread logging into Pathways for one specific reason.  Stop fighting the Pathways popup and enjoy the Pathways content.  This one change will improve your Pathways experience.