Herb Yarbrough Award Champions

2021Pat Knight, DTM
2020Tracy Fletcher-Bowman, DTM
2019George Jarosik, DTM/PDD
2018Joey Waldrop, DTM/PDG
2017Mike Sullens, DTM
2016Dianne Bish, DTM/PDG
2015Gary Pettigrew, DTM/PDG
2014Myra Golson, DTM
2013Anna Oates, DTM
2012John Davis, DTM
2011Brian Hatano, DTM/PDG
2010Marjorie Quist, DTM/PDG
2009Beth Mora, DTM/PDG
2008Audrey Samora, DTM/PDG
2007Louise Houdelette, DTM/PDG
2006Joe Samora, DTM/PDG
2005Don Giesen, DTM
2004Barbara Brackett, DTM/PDG
2003Laura Dubois, DTM
2002Cathy Lyon, ATM
2001Mike Churchill, DTM
2000Patty Fong, DTM/PID
1999George Ott, DTM/PID
1998Arne Sampe, DTM/PDG
1997Marilyn Minden, DTM/PDG
1996Ellis Hirst, DTM/PDG
1995Marcia Sydor, DTM/PID & Rick Sydor, DTM/PDG
1994Herb Long, DTM/PDG
1993Doug Lavine, DTM
1992Marvyn Drake, DTM/PDG
1991Renate Daniels, DTM/PID
1990Leo Ellis, DTM & Dorothy Ellis, DTM
1989Arun Sen, DTM/PID
1988Marion Wells, DTM
1987Herb Yarborough, DTM/PDG

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