Past District Governor/Directors

Denise Alder Gutherz, DTM2022-2023Build, Grow, Thrive!
Nancy Potts, DTM2021-2022Our Path Forward!
Ed Johnson, DTM2020-2021Do The Right Thing!
Wes Johnson, DTM2019-2020One Team • One Path • One District
Jane Taff, DTM2018-2019Thriving Together
Zack Souza, DTM2017-2018Our Journey Begins!
Sondra Nunez, DTM2016-2017Every member deserves to belong to a distinguished club!
George Jarosik, DTM2015-2016Your Journey Starts Here
Brian Hatano, DTM2014-2015Live for Excellence!
Joey Waldrop, DTM2013-2014Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds
Dianne Bish, DTM 2012-2013Onward!
Russ Steele, DTM2011-2012Where Leaders Are Made
Louise Houdelette, DTM2010-2011It's All About Time
Joe Velky, DTM2009-2010Listen. Learn. Lead
Debra Ledsinger, DTM2008-2009Experience Excellence!
Gary Pettigrew, DTM2007-2008*Let Your Life Speak Through "Toastmasters"
Sherri Pulis, DTM2006-2007Making A Difference..One Toastmaster At A Time
Jackie Bates, DTM2005-2006Sailing To Success
Audrey Samora, DTM2003-2005Share The Vision/ Define Your Character
Marjorie Quist, DTM2002-2003Live Your Passion
Bud Toole, ATM-B2001-2002Experience Success
Ruth Maloney, DTM2000-2001Date To Share
Don Johnson, DTM1999-2000Make a Difference in Your World
Barbara Brackette, DTM1998-1999*Yes You Can
Roberta Battle, DTM1997-1998Make it Happen
Patty Fong, DTM/PID1996-1997Whatever it Takes
Marvyn Drake, DTM1995-1996Building Upon Success
Ralph Romo, DTM1994-1995Can Do Attitude
Joe Samora, DTM1993-1994*Peak Personal Performance
Robert Young, DTM1992-1993**Go For Growth
Alan Swanson, DTM1991-1992Share The Wealth
Carol Williams, DTM1990-1991Inspire Excellence
Marilyn Minden, DTM1989-1990**Success Through Teamwork
Beth Mora, DTM1988-1989Putting It All Together…For You
Lloyd Gavin, DTM/PID1987-1988*We Are Achievers
Herb Long, DTM1986-1987*Keeping The Spirit Alive
Renate Daniels, DTM/PID1985-1986**Use the Power of Toasmtasters
Paul Flanagan, DTM1984-1985*Committee
Mike Denny, DTM1983-1984*TEAM: Together Everyone Accomplistes More
Ellis Hirst, DTM1982-1983*
Arne Sampe, DTM1981-1982*Plan to Participate-Teamwork Builds Success
Herb Yarbrough, DTM1980-1981*Belong, Participate and Share
Beverly Sinelio, DTM1979-1980*Succeed!
Marcia Peters (Sydor), DTM/PID1978-1979*Success Is A City In The State of Mind, Together We Shall Succeed
John Sinelio, DTM1977-1978*We'll Be Great, '77-'78
Earl Keck, DTM1976-1977*We Can Make It Happen
Arun Sen, DTM/PID1975-1976*Let's Do It Together
Kenneth Thiemann, ATM?1974-197515% More Is Better
Nirmal (Charlie) Cheema, DTM1973-1974Each One-Reach One
Phillip Cooke, DTM1972-1973
Jack Hartman, DTM/PID1971-1972Training-Teamwork
Ken Peters, DTM1970-1971*Back To Basics-Keep it Simple Tools
Klayton Nelson1969-1970G-R-O-W
James Hansen1968-1969
Floyd T. Brown1967-1968Serve and Grown-With Pride
Lehel deKrivatsy1966-1967
James Hart1965-1966
Kenneth A. Olds1964-1965
Robert L. Nations1963-1964
Albert Burlingame, PID1962-1963
Arley Howsden1961-1962
A. Carter McClure1960-1961
Raymond H. Grady1959-1960
William F. Orrick1958-1959
John Holt1957-1958
Elmo Cornelison1956-1957
Martin Dreyfuss1955-1956
Robert A. Moore, PID1954-1955
Edward F. Trau1952-1954