Past Speech Contest Winners

Year Winner Speech Title
2023 Donny Crandell
2022 Dory Cox Lessons from a Hive
2021 Guleenna Bakshi Sticking with Hope
2020 Damien Balderamma
2019 Beverley Adams I Am Fearless, I Am Strong
2018 Donny Crandell Can Anything Good Come From Rejection?
2017 Keerthi Karnati I was Friends with a Monster
2016 Donny Crandell A Million Bucks
2015 Donny Crandell Two Sides to Every Story
2014 Colin McKechnie One Day at a Time
2013 Reid Walley A Good Harvest
2012 Russel Marsan Momma’s Baby
2011 Jeffrey Purtee Speech Title
2010 Kyle Bryant Speech Title
2009 John Davis Another View
2008 David Goad Brushes with Greatness

Past International Speech Winners since 1969

Year Winner Speech Title
2017 Robin Miller Wonder Woman’s Got Nothin’ On Me!
2016 Brian Hatano Take Me Out OF the Ball Game
2015 Russ Steele Too Much of a Good Thing
2014 Ruth Schwartz Many Happy Returns
2013 Courtney Dyer Baby Talk
2012 Terry Childress In Pursuit of OK

Evaluation content

Year Winner Prompt
2023 Marcy Johnson
2022 Vickie Musni
2020 Philip Williams
2017 Melanee Cottrill
2016 Colin McKechnie
2015 Becky Quinlan
2014 Alice Pomgracz
2013 Cynthia Harkness
2012 Cynthia Harkness
2011 Cynthia Harkness


Year Winner Prompt
2018 Jim Brennan
2017 Sarah Bietz
2016 John Davis
2015 Lloyd Ash
2014 Jason Santa