Club Officer Training and Enrichment Training

  • ENH
    February 29, 2024
    11:45 am - 1:00 pm

Last chance! Club Officer Training / Enrichment Training – 

Session Order:

11:45am   Log in to Zoom and rename for your Officer Role

                 Rename yourself according to your role as follows:
                                              1-PRES <your name>
                                              2-VPE   <your name>
                                              3-VPM  <your name>
                                              4-VPPR <your name>
                                              5-SEC   <your name>
                                              6-TREAS <your name>
                                              7-SEC    <your name>

District 39 Members Note:  In order to receive credit for Officer Training, you must complete 1 hour of Club Officer Training (2/27 session) and 1 hour of Enrichment Training (2/29 session).  No Club Officer Training is offered on 2/29/24

Registration is for both sessions.

Being a Club Officer is not required!

Click here to register.

Laura Gregory, DTM
District 39 Program Quality Director

(775) 313-1758

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